Level 14 (2000/4000/4000)
Total Entries: 385
Players Remaining: 54
Chip Average: 142,593

Sometimes the cards run hot, and sometimes they run cold, and sometimes you can't avoid a hand against the one player you just can't beat. Such has been the play between Mike White (pictured, center) and Noah Nodine (pictured, right).

The action folds to White in the small blind and he raises to 8,000. Nodine calls and the flop comes 8♠7♠5♠. White continues for 12,000, and Nodine lets his hand go.

A couple orbits later, it's deja vu all over again, but this time Nodine three-bet shoves over White's opening raise. White calls and the hands are turned up.

Mike White - K♦K♣
Noah Nodine - Q♠Q♥

Nodine rolls his eyes when he sees the bad news. The flop comes K♠6♣2♥, all but sealing Nodine's exit. Nodine will need running queens to stay alive. The turn T♣ ends Nodine's Main Event. The A♦ completes the board and Nodine makes his way out of the tournament area.

Mike White - 213,500
Noah Nodine - Eliminated

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