Level 18 (5000/10000/10000)
Total Entries: 385
Players Remaining: 18
Chip Average: 427,778

The action folds to Mike White on the button and he raises to 25,000. Blair Hinkle (pictured) calls in the small blind and Louie Huynh calls in the big blind.

The flop comes K♦7♠2♠ and the blinds check to White, who continues for 28,000. Hinkle calls and Huynh folds.

The dealer adds the T♣ to the felt. Hinkle checks and after a think, White checks behind.

The 6♦ completes the board and Hinkle thinks for a bit before putting out a bet of 110,000.

White sits back and says, "I dunno what I can beat," before thinking about his decision for another two minutes.  In the end, White calls and Hinkle shows K♠8♠ for a pair of kings. White nods and mucks.

Blair Hinkle - 878,000
Mike White - 280,000

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