Level 15 (2500/5000/5000)
Total Entries: 385
Players Remaining: 48
Chip Average: 160,417

Greg Jennings (pictured) just reached the top of the leaderboard in a huge pot--without a showdown.

Drew Amato opens the pot from middle position for 11,000 and Jennings calls from the hijack. Jerry Moore three-bets in the cutoff to 35,000. The action folds back to Amato, who calls; and Jennings calls to close the action.

The dealer spreads a flop of Q♠7♠6♥. The action checks to Moore and he continues for 60,000. Amato calls. Jennings cuts out calling chips and counts down his remaining stack. As he slides out a stack of 60,000 he announces, "All in."

Surprisingly, both opponents fold fairly quickly.

This pot brings Jenning's chip stack to 482,000, a step above William McCracken's 441,000.

Greg Jennings - 482,000
Drew Amato - 158,000
Jerry Moore - 108,000

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