Level 14 (2000/4000/4000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 50
Chip Average: 140,364

The tone of play is taking a turn toward the fast lane as we near the money bubble.

Scott Hall (pictured) raises from under-the-gun to 10,000 and Matt Ellis calls from middle position. Tommy Smith gets a discount in the big blind and he calls, as well.

The flop comes Q93♠. Smith checks and Hall bets 13,000. Ellis calls and Smith folds.

The dealer adds the T♣ to the board on the turn and this time Hall checks. Ellis quickly bets 25,000 and Hall calls.

The river brings the 4, bringing in a possible flush and pairing the board. Hall studies for a few seconds and then checks. Ellis again acts quickly, betting 25,000 again.

Hall studies the board and his opponent, and then check-raises to 74,000. Ellis is obviously surprised, but quickly counts down his remaining stack and goes into the tank. It's difficult to describe on a blog the tension of a 2-minute tank during a hand that could determine a player's fate in the Main Event, but it's readily apparent on Ellis's face as he considers his options.

In the end, Ellis silently releases his hand and Hall collects the pot.

Scott Hall - 234,000
Matt Ellis - 103,000


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