Level 23 (15,000/30,000/5,000)
Total Entrants: 345
Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 1,380,00

Travis Speck was down to 10 big blinds just a few minutes ago but doubled up twice in a row through Seth Evans and is back in business at the RG Main Even final table.

Speck shoved the button with 107 for 330,000 and Evans called in the big blind with K8♣. The Q♠10♣10 flop locked up the first double for Speck and put a dent in the stack fo Evans.

Two hands later, Evans opened to 100,000 in the cutoff and Speck three-bet all-in for 675,000 from the big blind. Evans called with AJ and had the lead against Speck's A♣5♣. A five hit the flop and Speck survived to double again.

Evans is below 2,000,000 for the first time in a few levels and Eric Bishop is the new chip leader. Updated counts for the final five are below.

  1. Eric Bishop - 1,950,000
  2. Seth Evans - 1,860,000
  3. Gilbert Martinez - 680,000
  4. Byron Abernathy - 840,000
  5. Travis Speck - 1,410,000
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