Level 17 (4000/8000/8000)
Total Entries: 385
Players Remaining: 30
Chip Average: 256,667


Nick Behl raises to 20,000 from late position and the action folds back to Kiran Suram (pictured) in the big blind, who three-bets to 68,000. Behl thinks for a bit and then calls.

The dealer spreads a flop of Q♥9♦5♦ and Suram quickly moves all-in for 227,000. Behl gets the count and goes into the tank. A minute later, he tosses in a call and turns over his hand, not waiting for Suram to do the same.

Nick Behl - T♦T♣
Kiran Suram - A♥Q♠

Suram has out-flopped Behl's pocket pair, but anything can happen with two cards to come. The dealer speed-deals the turn and river, adding the 3♣ and 6♠ to the felt.

Behl ships three-quarters of his stack to Suram in this hand. Suram is now second in chips behind chip leader Greg Jennings; the latter now has 635,000.

Kiran Suram - 585,000
Nick Behl - 90,000

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