Level 26 (30000/60000/60000)
Total Entries: 385
Players Remaining: 3
Chip Average: 2,566,667

William McCracken (pictured) went from 1,150,000 chips to eliminated in the space of three hands. In the first, McCracken shoved on the button and Kiran Suram called from the small blind to put himself at risk.

McCracken - Q♥J♥
Suram - A♠9♣

The flop came A♦7♥5♣, cementing Suram's lead in the hand. McCracken would need running hearts, running pairs, or running straight cards to avoid being crippled. The turn brought a flush draw when the 3♥ hit the felt.

But the Q♦ on the river was not enough and McCracken fell to 200,000 chips.

McCracken folded a hand and then called all-in for less in the big blind against Kiran Suram's open shove from under-the gun.

Suram - 5♦5♣
McCracken - Q♦J♠

The flop came 9♦8♥6♥, giving McCracken 10 outs to come from behind, but the turn and river blanked with the 2♣ and 3♣, respectively.

McCracken exits the tournament in 4th place and collects $15,131 for his performance.

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