Level 12 (1,500/2,500/2,500)
Day 1B Entrants: 206
Day 1B Players Remaining: ~40
Total Entrants: 351

David Lieberman was one of the three players who registered at the last moment for Day 1B. By the end of Level 12, Lieberman bagged 282,000 and is right behind Jesse Jones for the overall chip lead. 

Lieberman spun his stack up in only two hours to outpace Dan Lowery, who peeled off from his hot pace to bag 179,000. Lowery is out in front of RunGood's Justin Gardenhire from Day 1A. 

Fellow late regger Daniel Fagen bagged 57,500 as part of the approximately 40 players who joined the 26 who advanced from Day 1A. 

 The full list of chip counts will be posted when they are available. A look at the top stacks from Day 1B and some notable stacks are below. 

David Lieberman  - 282,000
Chad Justice - 226,000
Kenny Brown - 210,000
Dan Lowery - 179,000
Thomas Montoya - 82,000
Connie Rice - 78,500

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