End of Level 12 (1,000/2,500/2,500)
Day 1A Entrants: 145
Players Remaining: 25

Jesse Jones trotted to the Day 1A finish line with the overall chip lead to continue his streak of strong RG Main Events. Jones leads with 287,000 with a bunch of other strong stacks behind him. 26 total players advanced. 

Jacob Seale (pictured) won a late pot to push himself a chip below 200,000 after winning a strange all-in. 

Thomas Montoya raised to 6,000 and two players called in front of Seale before he shoved from the big blind having all opponents covered. Montoya had the clock called on him by Justin Gardenhire, who was in the hand on the button.

The floor came over and Montoya called for about 40,000 leading Gardenhire and the small blind to fold. Seale's 97 was live against the AQ of his opponent and a nine in the window was enough to win the pot.

The pot gave Seale 199,000 and he'll be a force on Day 2. 

Below is a look at the overall leaderboard and notables. Gardenhire is the only RG pro to advance from Day 1A. The full list of chip counts will be posted when they are available. 

Jesse Jones - 287,000
Jared Ingles - 242,500
Michael Roberts - 213,000
Anthony Allison - 201,000 
Jacob Seale - 199,000
Jay Friedman - 173,000
Justin Gardenhire - 145,000
Chris Moneymaker - 74,500

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