Level 3 (100/200)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 130

Teresa Lammie runs the Memphis-based "River Rat Rounders" bar league and is representing a league of thousands this weekend.

There are players with a multitude of backgrounds participating in this weekend's RunGood Main Event but is doubtful that any of them have a bio quite like Teresa Lammie's. As the operator of the "River Rat Rounders" Bar League, Lammie oversees thousands of players who participate in tournaments across Memphis. 

Lammie was featured earlier this week as a bounty in the RunGood Bounty event and is popular in the area for all of the goodwill and hard work she puts into the league. As part of the immediate location near Tunica, the Horseshoe and Lammie partner to offer various prizes to tournament winners. 

Everyone loves a good winner's story and Lammie's legion of fans would certainly love to see her run deep in the RG Main Event and earn her seat on the RunGood Cruise come May. 

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