Level 10 (800/1,600/1,600)
Day 1B Entrants: 206
Total Entrants: 351

Dan Lowery's legendary hand histories are well known in the mid-major poker circuit. We decided to see just how legendary Lowery could be when under the pressure of a full orbit report during Level 9. Safe to say, he lived up to the billing. 

Hand 1: Lowery folded under the gun and the table breathed a collective sigh of relief. 

Hand 2: The player under the gun limped as did the button and small blind. Lowery raised to 5,000 in the big blind and only the first limper called. A 5K chip went in from Lowery dark before the Q76♣ flop and his opponent shoved for 30,000. Lowery called with 7♠3♠ and had the lesser pair versus QJ. No help arrived and Lowery paid the debt.

Hand 3: One limper came in from early position and so did the button. Lowery deposited 1,200 total out of the small blind and the big blind check. A bet from the first limper on the J♣105♠ flop resulted in a Lowery fold.

Hand 4: Our protagonist raised on the button to 4,000 and earned himself the blinds and big blind ante.

Hand 5: Lowery threw in 2,800 in the cutoff and met resistance from the big blind. The 88♠7♦ flop checked through and Lowery merely reaching for chips on the 5 turn won him the pot.

Hand 6: Lowery mucked his hijack and changed the song on his phone.

Hand 7 (this one gets big):
Lowery raised to 3,500 from the lojack and his friend in the hijack called. Papa Karn (Hi, Papa Karn) called from the big blind with only 9,700 behind.

Those chips went in the middle on the QJ4 flop and both Lowery and the hijack called. Lowery wagered 11,200 on the 3 and upped the price to 21,500 on the 8♠ river. Both bets were matched by the hijack and Lowery's A6 won him the huge pot.

Hand 8: Lowery folded with a limp in front of him from early position.

Hand 9: Lowery came in from early position for a raise of 3,500 and the small blind called. The big blind moved in for 32,000 and Lowery stood in to call. Mr. Small Blind folded and Lowery had a cooler on his side with A♣A♠ against QQ. A clean board ran out and Lowery won himself another huge pot.

The orbit ended with Lowery standing tall at 245,000 and in clear pole position to bag the flight chip lead. 

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