Yesterday's Day 1A drew strong numbers as 156 entrants assembled to put a premium dent in the $100,000 guarantee. A field of close to that size is expected for Day 1B, which is set to kickoff in just a few minutes. 

Just like with Day 1A, all participants in this flight are scheduled to play 12 30-minute levels, with a starting stack of 20,000 awaiting entrants when they sit down. Late registration and unlimited re-entry are available until the start of Level 9 (approximately 4:20 pm), giving players more than four hours to get in on the action. 

RunGood ambassador Dan Lowery bagged the clubhouse chip lead of 204,000 and all players who enter this afternoon's flight will be aiming to hit that target. 

The RunGood blog is here to provide all Day 1B coverage as the second wave players get started on their trip to tomorrow's Day 2. 

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