Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Day 1C Entries: 183
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582

Jeremy Anglin is making a name for himself at his Day 1C table and is the current chip leader as a result. 

If a player has over 100,000 at this stage of Day 1C, chances are they have made a lasting impression on their table. In the case of Jeremy Anglin, that is more than true. When we ventured over to his table, his neighbor referred to him as "little badass" on more than one occasion. A nickname like that could mean many things and for Anglin, it means he has the current chip leading stack of 115,000. 

As we have seen over the first two Day 1 flights, no chip lead is safe and Anglin has two hours to go before he can claim victory over the Day 1C field. His table is not set to break anytime soon, meaning Anglin has some more time to inflict pain on his subdued opponents. 

Day 1C is ready to go on its second break of the day and the registration period will be officially concluded once Level 9 starts. The full payouts will be available shortly after then. A look at the current leaderboard is below. 

Jeremy Anglin - 115,000
David Troutman - 95,000
Gates Harris - 90,000
John McNeil - 85,000

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