Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 472
Players Remaining: 90
Chip Average: 95,500

The RG Main Event field is now down to 90 players near the end of Level 13. David Trager (pictured) and Kyle Cartwright were on either end of all-in spots and find themselves both over 200,000. 

Tommy Tran raised to 8,000 in the cutoff and Trager ripped for 70,000 more effective from the big blind. Tran called with AK and was a favorite to double up against the A10 of Trager. The 1075 flop put Tran in hell and he found zero kings on the turn or river. Trager is up to 225,000.

In a three-way limped pot, Cartwright (pictured) checked from the small blind on a AQ♣4♣ flop and Stanley Williams bet 13,000 in the big blind. Chad Justice called in early position and Cartwright check-raised to 37,000.

Williams shoved having both players covered and once Justice folded, Cartwright called with 44♠ for bottom set. Williams had outs with A♣Q but missed on the J♠ turn and 10♠ river. Cartwright had 115,000 more behind and stacks up to 245,000 after the hand.

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