Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 53
Chip Average: 224,000

John McNeil came from behind to win a flip against John Holley to lighten the field by one. 

Since the money bubble burst at the start of Level 16, the field has pared down rapidly and is almost under 50 players. John Holley is one of those players who hit the rail, after losing a flip to John McNeil in brutal fashion. 

Holley shoved for 106,000 under the gun and McNeil called out of the hijack for most his stack. Holley turned over 1010 and was in a standard flip spot against McNeil's A♣K. The Q♣5♣3♠ flop put a few backdoor outs in play for McNeil and he added to his collection on the 2♣ turn. Needing to fade a sizable portion of the deck, Holley was unable to do so on the K river.

That card paired up McNeil and Holley was eliminated. As the field continues to shrink, we can expect to see more confrontations like this develop in the near future. 

Additionally, David Troutman continues to chip up and is playing about 920,000, putting him far ahead of the rest of the RG Main Event field. 

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