Level 19 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entrants: 472
Players Remaining: 20
Chip Average: 472,000

The RG Main Event field is now two away from the final two tables with Alli Schultz and Cody Pack on the rail earning $1,648 each. 

Schultz (pictured) moved in under the gun for 95,000 with 8♣8♠ and Ray Henson woke up with A♣A♠ in the big blind. No help came for Schultz and Henson stacked up to 650,000 under the hand.

Hutch Clinton limped in early position and Pack (pictured) shoved for 115,000 in the hijack. The action folded back to Clinton and he thought it over before calling with A♣10. Pack's JJ were in the lead but the A♠K6♠ flop put Clinton out in front.

The jack didn't fall for Pack and he went to the rail. Clinton chips up to 560,000. The field redraws at 18 and full chip counts and seating assignments are to be posted then.

Places 21-27 ($1,648) are as follows:
21. Rollo Johnson
22. Cody Pack
23. Alli Schultz
24. Nolan Burton
25. Justin Gardenhire
26. Steven Pionk
27. Connie Rice

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