Level 14 (2,000/4,000/4,000)
Total Entrants: 536
Players Remaining: 67
Average Stack: 160,000

Kyle Cartwright's hot streak on Day 2 of RG Main Event continues today. Cartwright called an all-in a notch behind but caught up by the time the hand wrapped. 

The button shoved for 74,500 and Cartwright examined the spot for two minutes in the big blind and called for about 30 percent of his stack with K10. He trailed the K♠J♠ of his opponent and tablemate Tim Brice noted a ten would show up in the window.

The A♣22♠ flop wasn't close to Cartwright but the 10 turn was exactly what he wanted. The river bricked and Cartwright chipped up to over 300,000 as the blinds increase.
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