Level 26 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 582
Players Remaining: 4
Chip Average: 2,910,000

The final table action hit a lull following the elimination of Tim Burt but in back-to-back hands, Nick Kortenber was at risk with William Stanford paying the biggest price of all. 

Kortenber opened to 120,000 under the gun and Kyle Cartwright called out of the small blind. Cartwright bet 160,000 on the Q10♣7♠ flop and Kortenber called to the 2♣ turn. Cartwright checked and Kortenber bet 275,000, only to have Cartwright check-raise all-in for 900,000 more.

Kortenber thought for two minutes and folded for his stack. Cartwright turned over K♣9♣ for a massive draw and took in the pot to move up to 2,950,000.

The next hand, Stanford opened to 150,000 under the gun and Kortenber defended his big blind. Kortenber shoved for 735,000 on the KK♠5 flop and Stanford called with AJ, and was more or less in a flip with Kortenber's 3♠3.

The 2 turn and 10♠ river left Stanford with only 600,000 as the blinds get ready to go up. Kortenber is playing 1,500,000 following the two confrontations.

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