Level 8 (500/1,000/1,000)
Day 1B Entrants: 202
Total Entrants: 347

Dan Lowery started off Day 1B scorching and is still the frontrunner to lead the flight when bags come out at the end of Level 12. Lowery sits behind 180,000 and is likely to be involved to some more all-in pots before play concludes. 

Rodney Boswell (pictured) is catching up on an outer table with 135,000. Boswell is fighting to become the first player to win a RG Main Event while wearing an Ole Miss visor. Should he advance out of the flight with a healthy chip stack, he'll have the ghosts of Archie Manning and Deuce McAllister on his side come Sunday. 

The leaderboard is the major topic for the RG blog when play hits the homestretch in Level 9. A look at the current top stacks is below. 

Dan Lowery - 180,000
Rodney Boswell - 135,000
Marcus Lambert - 110,000
Shannon Hamblen - 100,000

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