Level 23 (30,000/15,000/30,000)

Total Entrants: 330

Players remaining: 6

Chip Average: 1,100,000

After losing a few pots here in Level 23, action folded to Blair Hinkle one spot off the button. He moved all in for his last 330,000. Charles Reed made the call on the small blind as Henry Gingerich on the button and Drew Woodke on the big blind both got out of the way.

Hinkle tabled 8♠10♠ and Reed showed AK♣. The flop brought the A♠Q4♣ and Hinkle was far behind. The 5♦ fell on the turn and a meaningless 6♠ fell on the river.

Hinkle fired two bullets at the $575 RGPS Main Event, and said he was happy with how things turned out.