Level 22 (25,000/15,000/25,000)

Total Entrants: 330

Players remaining: 6

Chip Average: 1,100,000

Doc Hanson moved all in from early position with his last 330,000. The action folded around to Henry Gingerich in the small blind who instantly announced all in as well and Charles Reed folded on the big blind.

Hanson showed 9♣9♠ and Gingerich tabled A♣A♠. The flop brought 3♣510♣ with a 2♣ on the turn and 4♣ on the river. 

Gingerich takes about a 700,000-chip pot and sends Hanson to the rail. It was a great weekend for Hanson, who won a straight flush in a cash game a couple days ago to help finance his buy-in for this $575 Main Event. He then made the final table and this nice six-figure score.