Level 6 (600/300/600)

Total Entrants: 108

A big hand in a cash game last night served as a nice way to "satellite" into today's $575 RGPS Main Event for Charles "Doc" Hanson (pictured).

"I hit a straight flush last night and won $1,200," he says.

From Sioux Falls, S.D., Hanson has $116,000 in live tournament cashes including several nice finishes in WSOP Circuit events here at the Horseshoe. Hanson came to Council Bluffs to hang out with friend Mike Klatt and so far things are going well.

In Flight B, Doc was doing plenty of surgery at his table. His chip stack was up to 60,000 after hitting a few big hands – flopping a straight once and then hitting trips with pocket Aces. He's hoping his big run this weekend continues here at the Horseshoe.