Level 5 (600/300/600)

Total Entrants: 81

Council Bluffs has been a good spot for Kelly Vandemheen. He has a plethora of cashes here at his home casino, and in October 2017 won the RGPS $560 Main Event for 


In April of last year, the 56-year-old Vandemheen also finished third in the WSOP Circuit $250 seniors event for $4,276. While his poker resume here at the Horseshoe is deep, he also finished fifth in a $2,500 World Series of Poker event in 2007 for $96,431.

For Vandemheen, who has five children and one grandchild, poker is a way to get away from his job and compete a bit. He owns a distribution business that specializes in licensed sports merchandise. 

"I just love all the tournaments here," he says, "and being around all these guys that I know."

When not playing cards or running his company, Vandemheen is also an avid golfer.

"I play golf with a lot of these guys on a regular basis too," he says.

And he adds with a smile that wins quite a few bucks from many of them there too.