Level 9 (1,200/600/1,200)

Total Entrants: 118

With registration closed, Omaha resident Tim McReynolds (pictured) is the Main Event chip leader with four levels remaining. McReynolds, 74, sits on 293,000 chips and has been involved with a few big pots that have worked out well in his favor.

A corporate and trial attorney, McReynolds has plans to retire later this year. A nice score would be a great way to kick start that. His big stack came from a nice feel for some of the players at his table.

"It's been better reads than good cards," he says.

Just before the end of Level 9, McReynolds picked up an 80,000-chip pot after re-raising a bluffing player all in. The ploy worked and added to his stack.

"I was a horse shit player until I got some lessons from Bernard Lee," he says. "Before I was just playing for fun. Now I can play for fun and profit."