Greg Buchta

Greg Buchta (pictured) is a local and looking for a successful run of cards here on Day 1A. The 46-year-old University of Nebraska graduate has played in several RunGood events here at the Horseshoe and loves the atmosphere at the casino.

“It’s kind of like a club,” he says. “I see a lot of familiar faces and I know a lot of these guys. It’s a fun tournament.”

Back home, Buchta is part of a regular Tuesday and Thursday night home game. He started playing poker in college, jumping in tournaments online. That love of the game has continued and he’s hoping to make Day 2. When not playing poker, Buchta owns a tree service and is hoping to cut down the competition at the tables too.

A family man, he has an important reason to play in Day 1A. He says: “My daughter’s got a soccer game tomorrow and I wouldn’t have been able to play on Sunday.” This Cornhusker is hoping to return on Sunday.