Natalie Schorr is in the field today and so is her husband Stephen.

Natalie said she wasn't sure whether she would play or not, but has decided to jump in and has more than two starting stacks.

"She's running it up over there," Stephen said, "which is good for me."

He held out his 14,000 chip stack.

The Schorr's have three kids (26,21,20) and Natalie says she got into poker about three years ago.

"We do everything together. If he gets a motorcycle, I get a motorcycle. He has a very good mind for math and science so we talk about it (poker) alot. It's a healthy intellectual conversation about poker."

The couple also enjoys water sports and have been married for 28 years.

"I adore him," Natalie said of her husband.

Both of them are currently still playing Day 1B, but Natalie is doing slightly better in terms of her current chip stack.

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