Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Day 1B Entrants: 222
Total Entries: 310
Day 1B Players Remaining: 62

Frank McKeon limps in middle position, another player limps in the cutoff, Ector Weathers limps on the button, Shawn McCracken completes the small blind, and John Moore (pictured) checks his option.

The flop comes Q♠Q♦8♥, and all five players check. The turn adds the K♠ to the board, and again the action checks through. The Q♣ hits the felt on the river, and the action checks around to Weathers on the button, who bets 2,000. McCracken folds, Moore calls, McKeon calls, and while the remaining player was thinking about what to do, Moore revealed his hand, showing the 8♦5♣.

The dealer immediately called for the floor, during which time the remaining player folded.

Weathers tabled A♠7♣ for a worse hand, and McKeon mucked, giving Moore the modest pot.

For revealing his hand with action pending, Moore receives a 1-round penalty. He must sit out for a full orbit, paying any required blinds, before he can return.

John Moore - 72,000
Ector Weathers - 127,000
Frank McKeon - 73,000

Hard rock tulsaMain eventRoute 66 poker open