Level 10 (200/800/1600)
Day 1A Entrants: 150
Players remaining: 41
Average chips: 73,170

Daniel Lowery has had a yo-yo chipstack today. Cresting 150k at one point and then falling back to a 20k starting stack, Lowery has once again hopped back up into 6-digit territory with a stack of 145,000.

While checking in at Daniel Lowery's table, we witness a three-way all-in between Taylor Scott, Greg Jennings, and Matt Ellis (pictured).  Ellis is in the big blind and Scott is under-the-gun. Scott moves all in for his last 5,500 and it folds to Jennings on the button. Jennings asks how much and then goes over the top for 22,000 total. Lowery folds the small blind and Ellis asks how much Jennings has left.

When the answer comes back in the 10-15k range, Ellis moves all in for 55,000 and has both players covered. Jennings wastes no time making the call and the cards are turned up.

Scott - A♠7♠
Ellis - 9♣9♥
Jennings - A♥Q♦

Ellis's pair is in the lead but has to dodge. Scott picks up additional outs then the flop comes T♠6♠3♠. The 9♠ on the turn completes Scott's flush, but the bigger side pot is locked up for Ellis with a set of nines. A meaningless 2♠ hits the river to complete the board.

Jennings immediately asked if registration was still open for Flight B, and headed to the cage.

Taylor Scott - 18,800
Matt Ellis - 85,000
Greg Jennings - busted 

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