Level 7 (100/400/800)
Day 1A Entrants: 150
Players remaining: 74
Average chips: 40,540

Matt Ellis (pictured), was down to half his starting stack when he doubled up against the player to his left. An early position player limps for 800 and Ellis raises to 2,500 from the lojack. The hijack calls and everyone else folds.

The flop comes K♠9♠3♦ and Ellis continues for 3,000. His opponent thinks it over for a few seconds and then raises to 15,000. Ellis would have to call off his remaining 8,800 to get to showdown. Ellis snap-calls and tables A♦9♦ for second pair, nut kicker, which is good against his opponent's 2♦2♥. Neither the turn or river changes things and Ellis is back above starting stack.

Matt Ellis - 25,800

Downstream casinoMain eventRungood poker series