Level 12 (400/1200/2400)
Day 1A Entrants: 49
Players remaining: 15
Average chips: 65,333

With the clock ticking down in the final level of Flight B, Chuck Chadwick (pictured) open shoves 53,600 all-in from the cutoff and finds a caller in the big blind, putting Chadwick's tournament life at risk.

Chadwick - 9♠9♥
Opponent - 5♦5♣

Chadwick is way ahead until the flop, which comes 8♠7♥5♥. Only a 9 for a set or a 6 for a straight can get Chadwick out of this hole. The A♠ on the turn is no help, but the river brings the 6♣ to fill a gutshot straight and stay alive.

Chuck Chadwick - 110,200

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