Shawn Sparks

Shawn Sparks leads the final seven players in the Run Good Poker Series Global Championship. He bagged 821,000 and Eric Bunch is close behind with 719,000.

The final seven players started Day 2 at 7:30 with 31 other players and worked there way into the money and then some.

Reba Wright was the bubble, finishing 19th after Eric Bunch turned trip fives and dodged Wright's flush draw. Blair Hinkle followed close behind in 18th, taking home $1,258.

Nam Phan, Daniel Stone, Dan Martin, Jana Mangimelli, and Nick Peperone all made Day 2, but were unable to make the money.

The remaining seven players will return Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and play down to a winner. Follow all the action here on and keep tabs on all the action on Twitter as well.

Below is the seating chart and the chip counts for each of the remaining players:

Seat 1: Shane Fuller 529,000
Seat 2: Eric Bunch 719,000
Seat 3: Shawn Sparks 821,000
Seat 4: Tim Krisher 428,000
Seat 5: Lauren Bunch 82,000
Seat 6: John Heckenkamp 131,000
Seat 7: Cash Carpenter 180,000


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