March 24th, 2018
Day Ten
Yesterday's $1675 Main Event FLT B of the $1,000,000 guarantee at Hard Rock Tulsa more then doubled FLT A's entrants with 230 players. 38 found bags at the end of the day to advance into Sunday's Day 2 race. Today's FINAL FLT is at 312 entrants as the prizepool ticks up towards the one million dollar guarantee. Registration is open until the end of Level 12. Live updates can be found on the WSOP page here.
The thirty-eight players moving on include RG Ambassador Mina Greco, who will be coming into Day 2 with 145,000 chips. Daniel Jones bagged the chip lead with 348,000 chips putting him right behing FLT A's chip leader. Here are chip counts from FLT B:

First Name Last Name Chip Count
Daniel Jones 348,000
Matt Newcombe 254,500
Orlando Romero 238,000
Brian Ray 224,500
Jorge Nieto 192,000
Wayne Lovell 171,500
Byron Abernathy 168,500
Amber Mitchell 159,000
Mina Greco 145,000
Will Berry 145,000
Cory Smith 142,000
Josh Smith 141,000
Russell Clayton 140,000
Zack Ackley 132,500
Rodney Spriggs 118,500
Pearce Arnold 118,000
Sayed Khan 116,000
Dwain McFarland 115,500
Nick Lanzi 115,000
Justin Molina 111,500
Mike Nelson 109,000
Abdel Hamid 108,000
Ivan Blank 108,000
Matthew Mueller 101,500
Greg Jennings 100,500
William Nguyen 90,000
Robert Barca 89,500
Clay Henry 88,500
Ravi Raghavan 85,500
Bee Yue 78,000
Rees Scruggs 68,500
Frank McKeon 66,500
Hasan Haq 56,000
Gary Friedlander 44,500
Craig Norals 39,000
Ryan Phan 38,500
Justin Mourning 32,000
Dan Schmied 26,500
Alongside yesterday's Main Event action, the $135 Ladies Event kicked off with 155 entrants. Marsha Adams from Joplin, MO took home the ring with a $4,184 pay day.