March 26th, 2018
Day Twelve
It is the final day here at Hard Rock Tulsa for the WSOP circuit stop, two rings are set to be awarded as Ring Event #9 $1675 Main Event will restart with ten players and the Ring Event #12 $2200 High Roller Event restarts with twenty-four players. The Main Event will award $216,307 up top while the High Roller event alongside will award $50,319. A lot is at stake today including point race considerations for many still in the field. Click here for point updates. Both events have live reporting and can be followed here:

Ring Event #9 Main Event
Ring Event #12 High Roller Event

Chip counts for Main Event:
First Name Last Name Chip Count
Charlie Adkins 2,400,000
Mashir Khan 1,355,000
Matthew Colvin 705,000
Mo Khan 1,720,000
Chad Smith 2,165,000
Jonathan Poche 1,295,000
Mike Horchoff 1,455,000
Jake Daniels 475,000
Jeff Fielder 1,290,000
Joshua Turner 1,325,000

Yesterday, awarded two rings for Event #11 NLH One-Day and the $250 Senior's Event #2.
Ring Event #11 NLH One-Day - Shane Ogburn ($14,336)
$250 Senior's Event - Tommy Duncan ($10,749)