FINAL DAY OF ACTION! - Day Twelve (August 27th)

There is ONE MORE DAY of action at Hard Rock Tulsa. Don't miss out on your final chance to win a WSOPC ring. 10AM Seniors Ring Event and 3PM One Day NLH Ring Event are on the itinerary for today's events. Check out all the weekend's happenings below.

Yesterday's ring event recap available by PokerORG via Liam Gannon: 

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa WSOPC Ring Event #12 - Trent Wilson

Event #12: $400 No-Limit Hold'em saw a total of 157 players enter while it ran concurrently to the WSOPC $1,700 Main Event. This created a prizepool of $51,810 and saw a total of 24 places secure a payout. 

Standing at the end after a swingy heads up match was Trent Wilson who took down his first WSOPC ring after beating Kyle Michael in a heads up battle. 

"I do prefer Hold'em tournaments and Pot-limit Omaha cash," the new WSOPC champion said in reference to his other win on Hendon being a Pot-Limit Omaha RunGood Poker Series title from Joplin. 

"I know Kyle. We're friends and because of that I think we are a little wider. Honestly I would want him to win it as much as me." 

"There was one hand where I shoved pretty wide," he said referring to an all in confrontation where he held eight-five suited against Michael's ace-eight off. When a five came on the flop and held up for Wilson, he screamed "Da Bears!" as the pot was pushed his direction and he regained the chip lead. 

With this win, Wilson wins his first WSOPC ring and a seat to the 2024 tournament of champions.

 "I'm pretty excited. I have always wanted to take my family to Vegas." 

Final Table Results

Trent Wilson - 1st place ($13,296)
Kyle Michael - 2nd place ($8,219)
Boyd Burnett - 3rd place ($5,722)
Elier Garza - 4th place ($4,082)
Angela Jordison - 5th place ($2,985)
Timothy Crow - 6th Place ($2,239)
Daniel Pigago - 7th place ($1,723)
Mark Bernhardt - 8th place ($1,363)
Somphone Ung - 9th place ($1,108)

The $1700 Main Event heads to Day 2. Flight A saw 140 entrants enter the playing field with 22 advancing and Flight B saw 257 entrants with 42 advancing. The march to a champion on Sunday will begin with 66 players. Check out the recap available by PokerORG via Liam Gannon:

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa WSOPC Ring Event #10 Main Event

Today's 257 entrants into Event #11: $1,700 WSOPC Main Event today, makes a full total of 397 players for the entire tournament. Creating a prizepool worth $601,455 for the whole tournament. 

The 42 survivors from this tournament sees a total of 64 players make it into the second day of the tournament, with 60 players guaranteed $2,550 and a first place prize worth $126,920. 

Leading the way was the man who held the chip lead all day, Tomas Teran. Teran saw a massive pot early in the day catapult him to the lead which he held for nearly 6 full levels at the same stack. With $146,428 in live earnings, Teran has seen several close calls with his chances for a ring. With the monster stack he bagged today, his high hopes may come true within the next few days. 

Following him in the counts is a player very familiar with winning WSOPC Rings in Tulsa, Mark Barrientos (591,000). The Kansas resident won his ring four years ago at Tulsa and has made a Triumphant return with a massive chip count at the end of the day. 

A funny enough situation occurred in this flight as husband and wife poker duo Trevor Lewis (272,000) and Jael Lewis (100,000) were not only seated at the same table, but right next to each other. They both found a bag at the conclusion of the day, with the hope to both be at the final table of this event. (Jael is pictured above)

Others that found their way through included Megan Moore (314,000), Kasey Mills (200,000), Jared Ward (177,000), Mark Martin (169,000), and Justin Gardenhire (118,000). Each one of them wanting a banner next to former champion, Will Berry (95,000) who also found a bag. 

Top Ten Day 1b Chip Counts

Tomas Teran 730,000
Mark Barrientos 591,000
Kenneth King 505,000
Wayne Nicholsen 488,000
Jacob Foley 478,000
Bryan Campanello 455,000
Roger Foley 428,000
Steven Wald 405,000
Cecil Hopkins 378,000
Bobby Sanoubane 375,000

Players ended with 8:02 left in Level 14, meaning that players will return tomorrow with that much time left in level 14, only four players off the money. 

Check out the updates on as well as coverage from throughout the day. 

Here is a full list of events for Sunday, August 27th, 2023:


Seniors No Limit Hold'em II




Restart Ring #10 (Championship)



No Limit Hold'em (One Day)




Nightly No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack




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