MAIN EVENT DAY at Hard Rock Tulsa - Day 10

26 August 2022 (Tulsa, OK) -  The World Series of Poker Circuit returns to the Hard Rock Tulsa August 17th - August 28th. This is the third stop of the 2022 Circuit season. The stop includes 16 events and concludes with the $1,700 Main Event, Friday August 26th.

Greg Jennings returned at 1 PM today and defeated Mark Werre heads up for his second WSOP circuit ring in three days.

Jennings started the day by losing an all in to Mark Werre, but kept battling and eventually sent Werre to the rail in second place. He mentioned after his first ring win that he hadn't been that motivated to play poker for the past few years, but he wanted to come here and take a shot at winning a ring after 11 circuit final table appearances. Now in back-to-back events, Jennings says he may jump into Event #8 simply because of momentum. However, his feelings haven't changed too much.

"It's great, but it will not inspire me to play more poker."
Jennings has a few more events at least, and the Main Event this weekend, to go for his third ring, but regardless of how the rest of the trip turns out, it's mission accomplished for Jennings.


Jessica Vierling won Event #8: $400 No-Limit Hold'em and took home $13,641 along with her first WSOP circuit ring. She defeated 163 players and held a commanding chip lead with three players remaining. As Clayton Soliz was eliminated in third place, he wished Byron Abernathy luck. Abernathy was quite short, and the heads up match was over shortly after.
"Finally," Vierling said as the final card fell on the river.
She jumped out of her chair and walked over to shake Abernathy's hand.
The 36-year old poker pro says her main goal as a poker pro is to be consistent.
"I don't want to focus on the trophies. I wasn't even thinking about the money today," she said. 
Vierling wanted the ring more than anything in today's tournament.
"I was wondering if it was ever going to happen."
Well it happened when she got pocket fives all in against Abernathy's king-nine. She mentioned that pocket fives was the hand she lost to the last time she was heads up for a circuit ring. Now, a few years later, pocket fives brings her a WSOP circuit ring. Now she's focused on the Main before deciding where she will be off to next. 
The first starting flight for Event #10: $1,700 Main Event starts 11 AM Friday and Event #11 $400 No-Limit 6-Handed starts at 4 PM.
Here are the details for the Main Event:
  • 30,000 starting stack
  • One reentry per flight
  • Registration will remain open until the start the start of level 13
  • This tournament is scheduled as three-day tournament.
  • 40-minute levels
  • There will be a 15-minute break every 2 hours of play and a 90-minute dinner break after 6 hours of play.
  • Day 1 will play until the completion of level 16, unless otherwise announced by the tournament staff.
  • Day 2 will resume at 12:00 PM,Sunday

Event #11 Details:

  • 15,000 starting stack.
  • Unlimited re-entry.
  • Registration will remain open until the start the start of level 9
  • This tournament is scheduled as one-day tournament.
  • 20-minute levels
  • There will be a 15-minute break every 2 hours of play

    Check out the full Hard Rock Tulsa Circuit schedule here.

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    Friday's Schedule

    Ring Events:

    11:00 AM -  Event #10: $1,700 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event | Structure
    1:00 PM - Event #9 $400 PLO Restart
    4:00 PM -  Event #11: $400 No-Limit 6-max | Structure


    9:00 PAM -  $135 Turbo Main Event Satellite
    2:00 PM -  $250 Mega Main Event Satellite
    7:00 PM - $250 Mega Main Event Satellite
    10:00 PM - $135
     Turbo No-Limit Mega Satellite

    Other Events: no other events

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