Super Stack, Super Monday! - Day Six (August 21st)

It's a super Monday here at Hard Rock Tulsa with the 11AM WSOPC Super Stack Ring Event set to kick-off today. The weekend saw three individuals cross the finish line for a WSOPC Ring and five figure scores. Recaps of Ring Event #3, Seniors #1, and Ring Event #4 are availabe on provided by PokerORG via Liam Gannon.

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa WSOPC Ring Event #3

Timothy “TJ” Cunningham Wins First WSOPC Ring for $51,156

After 933 entrants over the course of four flights, saw the biggest prizepool of the WSOPC Tulsa in the form of $307,890. The second day began with 66 players and after nine hours of play, only one stood.

It was Timothy “TJ” Cunningham who took down his first WSOP cash into his first WSOPC ring as he best the massive field for a career best score of $51,156. “It’s a rush,” the new champion said with a smile on his face, “I have a lot of friends that support me in my times of need and clarity, I am fortunate to have guys that give me guidance. My dad and my family, it’s a blessing.” 

The 26-year old has been playing live tournaments for a few years now. “Probably around when I was 18 or 19 I got my feet wet, that’s when I started winning some daily tournaments. Played a little bit online, had a bad spell so I took a break. Came back really focused with the right people and the right mindset. It’s just my time.” 

The Arkansas resident also wins entry into the 2024 WSOP Tournament of champions. “I was waiting on a moment like this, so now I know I am going to be there.”

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa WSOPC Seniors #1

Elden Lacer Wins The Seniors Event For $18,405

The $250 Seniors Event began at 10 am today and saw a total of 469 entrants come out to play and a prizepool of $93,800. A total of 71 places were paid with the minimum cash of $365, all the way up to $18,405 for first place.

It was Missouri native Elden Lacer who took down his first WSOPC ring for his biggest career cash of $18,405. “Feeling good, kinda tired but good considering how short I was at one time,” the new champion said after playing 14 hours of poker. 

“I came into the final table short stacked, but it worked out as they kinda allowed me to hang around and I was able to chip up several times and then I became competitive.”

The 59 year old army retiree splits his time between Missouri and Nevada. “My daughter and my grandkids live out in Vegas, so we bounce back and I play a lot of tournaments.” 

On top of his ring and the cash prize, he now stands as the most recent recipient of the WSOP 2024 Tournament of Champions Seat. With him already owning a place out there, he will most certainly be in Las Vegas, Nevada next summer to play in the freeroll.

Hard Rock Casino Tulsa WSOPC Ring Event #4

Jared Ward Takes Takes Down His First Ring In Event #4: $400 No-Limit Hold’em


The third tournament starting this Sunday was Event #4: $400 No-Limit Hold’em and a total of 195 entrants came out to play. After the dust settled 13 hours later, it was Tulsa local Jared Ward who took down his first WSOPC event.

“It feels good, winning at home,” Ward said “I always feel like I try too hard in this place and try to force things, this time I let it come to me today and got cards at the right time.” 

With over $300,000 in lifetime earnings on Hendon mob, Ward has made a name for himself over the past few years on the circuit. With this, he adds another first place title onto his growing resume and he will be playing the rest of the series.

Here is a full list of events for Monday, August 21st, 2023:


No Limit Hold'em Super Stack






Satellite (to any $400 Ring Event)




Nightly No Limit Hold'em Deep Stack




8131 Media will be providing free to download and share photos via photographer Rachel Miller, who is a two year veteran of the WSOP and RunGood Events. Click here to find and download your picture!

Have a super Monday!

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