Graton Casino Bay Area (February 28th - March 8th, 2023):

Event #1 Seniors Ring Event: Gene Rindy
Event #2 6-Max NLH: Denzel Suntay
Event #3 Guest Bounty Ring Event: Daniel Roncancio
Event #4 HORSE Ring Event: Michael Arents
Event #5 One Day NLH Ring Event: Tengis Baterdene
Event #6 Pot Limit Omaha Ring Event: Cody Stanford
Event #7 Black Chip Bounty Ring Event: Handrianto Minderman
Event #8 Mega Stack Ring Event: John Ramil
Event #9 O8 Ring Event: Margaret Rowan
Event #10 Green Chip Bounty Ring Event: JP Singh
Event #11 BIG O Ring Event: La Sengphet
Event #12 Main Event: Pe Kyaw
Event #13 One Day NLH Ring Event: Zack Swad
Event #14 Seniors Early Bird Ring Event: Craig Ricci
Event #15 One Day NLH Ring Event: Lawrence Chow
Event #16 Omaha 8/Stud 8 Ring Event: Craig Carillo
Event #17 Mixed PLO Ring Event: Sam Mullins
Event #18 Monster Stack NLH Ring Event: Ashkun LaJevardi
Event #19 One Day High Roller Ring Event: Jeffrey Lennon
Event #20 6-Max Closer Ring Event: Gene Rindy
Event #21 Send Off Ring Event: Ben Wilma

Graton Casino Bay Area (October 19th - 29th, 2023):

Event #1 One Day NLH Ring Event: John Koo
Event #2 Series Opener NLH Ring Event: David Eckman
Event #3 Black Chip Bounty Ring Event: Clinton Highshoe
Event #4 Mixed PLO Ring Event: Ken Po
Event #5 Tag Team NLH Ring Event: Brett Hildebrand-Tracy Rogers
Event #6 $1,100 One Day Ring Event: Jasthi Kumar
Event #7 Stud 8/O8 Ring Event: Aaron Henderson
Event #8 Seniors Ring Event: David Allison
Event #9 6 Max NLH Ring Event: Cheryl Svenson
Event #10 TOE Ring Event: David Prociak
Event #11 Ambassador Bounty Ring Event: Gregory Miller
Event #12 DeepStack NLH Ring Event: Steven Crick
Event #13 HORSE Ring Event: David Prociak
Event #14 One Day NLH Ring Event: Richard Almeida

Event #15 Black Chip Bounty Ring Event: Osama Izz
Event #16 Omaha 8 Ring Event: Christopher Keller
Event #17 Main Event: Anne Bui
Event #18 PLO Ring Event: Willie Smith
Event #19 One Day NLH Ring Event: Ryan Awwad
Event #20 Big O Ring Event: Daniel Lowery
Event #21 Series Closer Ring Event: John Koo



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