When: April 11th - April 16th
Where: Downstream Casino (Joplin, MO)

Tuesday, April 11th
10AM - Seniors Ring Event (AGE 50+, Buy-in $225)
1PM - Main Event Satellite (Buy-in $155)
7PM - OPENING NIGHT Guest Bounty Ring Event (Buy-in $200)
*Special guests will be holding bounty envelopes that contain prizes
On Demand - Flip and Go Ring Event Day 1 (Buy-in $150)

Wednesday, April 12th
11AM - DeepStack Ring Event FLT A (Buy-in $250, $25,000 GTD Prizepool) 
4PM - Main Event Satellite (Buy-in $155)
6PM - DeepStack Ring Event FLT B (Buy-in $250, $25,000 GTD Prizepool)
On Demand - Flip and Go Ring Event Day 1 (Buy-in $150)

Thursday, April 13th
12PM - DeepStack Ring Event Restart
1PM - One Day NLH Ring Event (Buy-in $225)
6PM - RUNGOOD Main Event FLT A (Buy-in $600, $100,000 GTD Prizepool)
On Demand - Flip and Go Ring Event Day 1 (Buy-in $150)

Friday, April 14th
11AM - Flip and Go Ring Event Day 2
12PM - Main Event Satellite (Buy-in $155)
2PM - Pot Limit Omaha Ring Event (Buy-in $300)
4PM - Main Event Turbo Satellite (Buy-in $155)
6PM - RUNGOOD Main Event FLT B (Buy-in $600, $100,000 GTD Prizepool)

Saturday, April 15th
11AM - RUNGOOD Main Event FLT C (Buy-in $600, $100,000 GTD Prizepool)
6PM - RUNGOOD Main Event FLT D (Buy-in $600, $100,000 GTD Prizepool)

Sunday, April 16th
12PM - Main Event Restart
1PM - Closer NLH Ring Event (Buy-in $225)


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