After further review of the Casino Champions point race, there were a total of three players that each had a total of 26 points, whereas we originally thought there were only two. Tai Reyes-Purpero and Mark Feinberg were the top two in contention for the title of Casino Champion, but after further examination, we have found that the 2nd place Main Event finisher, Farid Karimi, whom was award 25 points for his deep run, also had a cash in the $185 DeepStack which earned him 1 point. The discovery brought his total to 26 points in the race, tying him with Purpero and Feinberg.

Based on the money awarded tie-break rule, a second place finish in the Main Event brought Karimi's cashes to a total of $19,273, topping the $5,005 of Purpero, thus declaring Karimi as Casino Champion.

Both players have been contacted and we sincerely apologize for the error on our part. Congratulations Farid Karimi! We'll see you in Vegas.