Congratulations to RGPS Council Bluffs Deepstack winner James Devaney

The action on Friday began with 54 players returning for Day 2 of the $180 RGPS Deepstack event. Right off the bat, Day 1 chip leader Ryan Tepen and Mark Turner, who began the day 2nd in chips, tangled in a huge pot.

Turner opened to 9,000 and Tepen three-bet to 25,000. Turner called. The flop came [Ts][4s][6c] and Turner check-called Tepen's continuation bet. The turn brought the [Ac], and again Turner check-called a bet from Tepen. The river brought a third spade, the [6s]. Turner checked again and Tepen shoved all in, having Turner covered by 9,000 chips. Turner went into the tank but ultimately called and turned over [As][Kx]. Tepen showed [8x][7x] for a missed double-gutshot straight draw. Tepen was eliminated shortly thereafter, ending (at least temporarily) the hot streak he's been on for the past few RGPS stops.

Assembling the final table involved a hand that cannot go unmentioned. RunGood pros Jose Montes, Justin Gardenhire, and Daniel "Duma" Lowery moved all in preflop in a three-way pot. Montes moved all in from early position with [Ax][7x], Lowery called with [Ax][9x], and Gardenhire found [Ax][Ax] in the blinds and called all in. Lowery had both opponents covered, with Montes as the shortest stack. The flop brought two nines, and with all the aces accounted for, only Montes was drawing live to a runner-runner straight draw. In the end, both Gardenhire and Montes were eliminated, finishing seventh and eighth respectively.

Despite the event's name, by the time the final table was reached, most of the stacks at the table were short with 15 big blinds or less. With five players left, the blinds reached 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante. Daniel Lowery opened for 150,000 from the cutoff and Nicholas Stille raised all-in for around 300,000 from the button. The action folded back to Lowery and he called. Stille showed [Ah][9d] and was dominated by Lowery's [Ac][Ks]. The board ran out dry for both players, [Jc][8d][5c][3s][Jh], and Stille was eliminated in fifth place for $2,013.

Three hands later, we lost another player. Michael Dreiger raised from the button to 150,000 and Michael Hansen three-bet all in for 960,000 from the big blind. Dreiger called and turned over [Ac][7s] and found himself in bad shape against Hansen's [Qh][Qd]. The board ran out [Ts][8h][8c][4h][5c] and Dreiger's tournament came to an end. He would receive $2,685 for his fourth-place performance.

With just moments to go in the same level, Lowery opened for 125,000 and Hansen three-bet all in for around 1,000,000. James Devaney in the big blind called and had Hansen and Lowery covered. Lowery let his hand go and the hands were turned up. Hansen held [Kh][Qh] against Devaney's [As][Qc]. The dealer spread a board of [Td][8d][6s][Ts][9s], knocking out Hansen in third place for $3,849.

The heads up battle between Lowery and Devany began with Devaney holding a 2-to-1 chip lead and lasted 20 hands, during which the blinds increased to 30,000/60,000 with a 5,000 ante. The final hand began when Devaney called on the button and Lowery moved all-in from the big blind. Devaney quickly called and turned over [Ac][Td]. Lowery revealed [Kd][3d] and would need help to survive. The board ran out [9c][8h][2c][Jh][4h], leaving ace-high as the best hand and bringing the tournament to an end. Lowery's second-place finish earned him $5,748.

Congratulations to James Devaney on your first-place finish in the RGPS Council Bluffs Deepstack event. Your win earns you $9,046, a Fireball Whiskey dart board and a RG medallion!

Official results:

Place Player Name Prize
1 James Devaney $9,086.00
2 Daniel Lowery $5,748.00
3 Michael Hansen $3,849.00
4 Michael Dreiger $2,685.00
5 Nicholas Stille $2,013.00
6 Eric Polson $1,579.00
7 Justin Gardenhire $1,334.00
8 Jose Montes $1,105.00
9 Charles Marty $951.00
10 Trevis Devericks $750.00
11 Dave Swanson $750.00
12 Jonathan Aulepp $750.00
13 Jonathan Hartman $565.00
14 Jung Park $565.00
15 Richard May $565.00
16 Terakun Karnchanakphan $442.00
17 Mark Turner $442.00
18 Pierce Picou $442.00
19 Rodney Vashon $355.00
20 Stefan Kegley $355.00
21 Bernard Lee $355.00
22 Minh Phan $355.00
23 Michael Lang $355.00
24 Henry Gingerich $355.00
25 Michael Albert $355.00
26 Michael Rieck $355.00
27 Fred Walker $355.00
28 Jerin Gray $296.00
29 David Remer $296.00
30 Cory May $296.00
31 Jonathan Lawson $296.00
32 Christopher Rolfes $296.00
33 Jack Armstrong $296.00
34 Kim Elder $296.00
35 Clint Lilienthal $296.00
36 Drew Woodke $296.00


Pictures from the Deepstack can be found on the RunGood Facebook page, in albums for the event, which you can find here (Day 1) and here (Day 2).