Heads-up players in the $180 Deepstack event Tim Sipe and Nick Burris decided to chop the remaining money, with $9,000 going to Burris and $8,015 to Sipe, and play out the remainder of the tournament to decide who would win the RG Medallion and the Bose speaker.

When heads-up play began, Burris held a 3-to-2 chip lead over Sipe, but the tide would turn against Burris in a big way. Both players got their chips in the middle with pocket pairs. Sipe held pocket fives against Burris's pocket aces. A five hit the flop and Burris would need a two-outer to win, otherwise his stack would be crippled.  Neither the turn or the river brought an ace, and Sipe took a commanding 7-to-1 chip lead.

The tournament ended when both players got it in again, Sipe with a pair and a flush draw, Burris with a straight draw. Neither draw came in, though Sipe did catch trips on the river, good enough to take home the title, the medallion, and the Bose speaker.

Congratulations to Tim Sipe for his win and to Nick Burris for an excellent performance!

We'll publish a recap tomorrow morning with links to all the photos from Day 2 of the tournament as well as the official results. Thank you to all the players who came out to compete!