Thursday at the RGPS Harrah's North Kansas City began with Day 2 of the $180 Deepstack event. 59 players began the day, but only 36 would make the money. As in any tournament, you must play well and run well, avoid bad luck and win your flips. Candace Caley, the chip leader at the start of Day 2, missed the final table by half a dozen spots, thanks in part to a bit of bad luck when her K♠K♣ lost to Dave Likins A♣6♦, which you can read about here.

RunGood was on the scene throughout Day 2 of the Deepstack reporting hands and chip counts throughout the day. A scroll through the blog will give you a play by play of the day's action. For a look at the photo album from the event, click here.

When play reached the heads-up stage, Nicholas Burris held a 3-to-2 chip lead over Timothy Sipe, and the two agreed to chop the remaining prize pool as shown below. But the two played out the remainder of the tournament with the winner taking the title of champion, the RG custom medallion, and a Bose speaker. Sipe overcame the deficit and went on to win the event in two key hands you can read about here.

Official RGPS $180 Deepstack results:

Place Name Prize
1st Timothy Sipe $8,015
2nd Nicholas Burris  $9,000
3rd Michael Handzel  $4,417
4th Nam Phan  $3,081
5th Julie Anna Cornelius  $2,311
6th AJ Johnston  $1,812
7th Brandon Cummins  $1,532
8th Darrell Cranmore  $1,269
9th Richard Clark  $1,092
10th David Queen  $861
11th David Likins  $861
12th Marvin Donaldson  $861
13th Jerry Quinn  $648
14th Candace Caley  $648
15th Derrick Contreras  $648
16th Rizzloe Jones  $508
17th Christopher Wells  $508
18th Patricia Bott  $508
19th William Cole  $408
20th Andre Allen  $408
21st Chad Bals  $408
22nd Cash Carpenter  $408
23rd Jonathan Gaviao  $408
24th Michael McAdams  $408
25th Matthew LeTourneau  $408
26th Ali Zakeri  $408
27th Erin Nye  $408
28th Robert Turner  $340
29th Joshua Hoover  $340
30th Paul Cannova  $340
31st Syed Osama  $340
32nd Michael White  $340
33rd Bret Karr  $340
34th Jonathan Nye  $340
35th Daniel Pigago  $340
36th Justin Soltau  $340


Of course, the day didn't end with the Deepstack tournament. Scheduled for 7 p.m. was the $160 RGPS 20-seat guranteed Main Event Mega Satellite. 95 players entered and 20 would win seats to the $675 Main Event.  Three Day 1 flights are scheduled for the Main Event: 7 p.m. Friday, noon Saturday, and 7 p.m. Saturday. The survivors from each Day 1 flight return at noon Sunday to play down to a winner.  The Main Event sports a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Official results from Thursday's $160 RGPS Mega Satellite:

Place Name Prize
1st Mitchell Drucker ME Seat
2nd Jason Pfannenstiel ME Seat
3rd Richard Moore ME Seat
4th Michael Basch ME Seat
5th Gary Deardorff ME Seat
6th Andrew Schmidt ME Seat
7th James Yeager ME Seat
8th Brian Topp ME Seat
9th Zeki Tarim ME Seat
10th Frank Mondello ME Seat
11th Deborah Phillips ME Seat
12th Timothy McReynolds ME Seat
13th William Cole ME Seat
14th Antwyn Brown ME Seat
15th Kristian Olsen ME Seat
16th Patrick Hanson ME Seat
17th Rodney Batesel ME Seat
18th Nicholas Hidaka ME Seat
19th Dale Young ME Seat
20th Michael Gebhardt ME Seat


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