This early in the Main Event, it's not often you take notice of any one player or table, but Joe Graybill (pictured) in Seat 1 at Table 14 is an exception.  Barely an hour into the tournament, Graybill has 49,000 chips, which serves as some explanation why the table--for the moment, at least--has just six players in action.

Talking to the table, it seems Graybill has already eliminated two players. Once against a short-stacked Craig Dick, whose A♥8♥ couldn't improve against Graybill's A♠J♣, and in another which bears repeating. With a board of 5♠3♠2♥9♣3♣, Graybill's opponent shoved all-in for 10,000. Graybill called and his opponent tabled 8♦4♦ for a missed straight draw; Graybill turned over A♦2♦ for bottom pair and collected the pot.

As with many mid-stakes poker players, Graybill looks like he'd be more at home on a golf course than on the felt; but with lifetime tournament winnings of $57,295, it's clear he's in his natural element.

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