Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 113


Shaun Bonavita (pictured) came on strong in the last four levels, as did RG Pro Ray Henson. The two are seated side-by-side at Table 11, and have finished the day first and second in chips. Bonavita bagged the chip lead with 232,000 while Henson finished the day with 230,000.

Bonavita flopped a wheel to get him to 192,400, but only chipped up from there.  In one of the last hands of the night, Bonavita raised from middle position to 7,500. Barney Thomas called on the button and the two saw a flop of 6♣3♣2♦. Bonavita continued on the flop for 15,000 and Thomas raised immediately to 32,000. Bonavita called and the dealer put the K♠ on the felt.

"Don't bet," Thomas warned. "You're behind and on a draw."

"I'm not on a draw," answered Bonavita. After a warning from the dealer regarding what can and cannot be said about one's hand, Bonavita checked, and Thomas checked behind.

The dealer completed the board with the T♥, and again both players checked.

Shaun Bonavita - 9♠9♦
Barney Thomas - 6♥5♥

This pot took Bonavita up to 233,000, just one thousand more than he bagged for the day.

Pej Preemo finished the day third in chips with 209,500. Matt McPherson joined the 200k-club with 201,000.

A complete list of chip counts is coming up next.


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