Level 10 (800/1600/1600)
Total Entrants: 113
Flight A Players remaining: 20

Day 1A has come to an end with 20 players punching their tickets to Day 2 on Sunday. Below are the official end-of-day chip counts:


STEPHEN SCHORR                          38,000
BART BOGARD                        116,500
RAY HENSON                        230,000
DESMOND SCOTT                        120,500
T. SHAUN BONAVITA                        232,000
BRYAN STOREY                            6,500
WILLIAM THOMAS                          88,000
JOHN BENNETT                        105,500
GARY BURKS                        102,000
DENNIS BAKER                          47,500
WILLIAM SADKA                        152,500
TYLER MORRIS                          68,500
JAMES "MATT" MCPHERSON                        201,000
JOHNNIE CRAIG                          69,000
PEJ PREEMO NIYATA                        210,000
BRANDON HONIG                        147,500
MINA GRECO                          45,000
RYAN PAQUETTE                        123,500
MICHELLE WOLKOMIR                          37,500
MARSHALL BAILEY                        132,500


Flight B of the RGPS Bossier City Main Event kicks off at noon on Saturday, with Flight C immediately afterward at 7:00 p.m. Come out and play and join us on the blog for another full day of fun.

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