Level 6 (300/600/600)
Total Entrants: 103

Walking by Table 3, we notice Chad Smith. Well, what we notice is his chip stack, which is now at 110,000. Last we were at his table, he had around 14,000.  Apparently, Smith has been running good, the best of which was in a hand where he held 8x8x, and the flop came 8x2x2x. Smith tripled up when he got it all in the middle against two players.

While we're talking to Smith, he looks down at his hole cards and raises to 1,100. Brandon Honig (pictured) calls on the button and Ray Henson calls from the big blind.  The flop comes 9♥9♣2♠. Henson checks, Smith checks, and Honig checks.

The turn brings the 8♠. Henson checks and Smith bets 2,500, while still telling us the story of how he knocked two players out. Honig calls and Henson raises to 6,900. Now Smith goes quiet, thinks for a bit and then calls the 4,400 more.  Honig thinks for half a minute and calls.

The river is the 5♠. Henson considers for a moment, and moves all-in for around 15,000. Smith goes into the tank again, but decides to let his hand go. Honig immediately calls.

Ray Henson - 9♠7♣
Brandon Honig - K♠T♠

Henson's flopped trips has been run down by backdoor spades. When the stacks are counted down, Henson is still in with two big blinds.

Brandon Honig - 56,000
Chad Smith - 104,000
Ray Henson - 1,400

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