Level 5 (200/400/400)
Total Entrants: 97

Carlos Ybarra (pictured) is chilling in Seat 5 at Table 7, mostly minding his own business, which is three-betting and taking your chips. We know him as a player who cashed in both the Pro Bounty and Deepstack tournaments the last time we were here back in March.

Ybarra comes from Houston, and moved to Bossier City to work as an Inventory Manager for National Oilwell/Varco.

"I left Houston right before all the poker rooms there started opening up," he says with a shrug. "Bad timing, I guess."

Ybarra says he is more of a cash game player than a tournament player, but if the tournament has a good structure, he'll definitely play it if he can. He's played Card Player events in Durant, Oklahoma, but mostly plays close to home in the $2/$5 games, when they run.

"They once had a $10/$25 game going on here, but I had to miss it because I had a date," he recalls. "But I get a notification on my phone whenever the $2/$5 starts up."

Ybarra is sitting on 35,000 chips going to break, and I ask him how he got them.

"Mostly three-betting with good timing," he answers. "I can usually tell when someone is raising light, which is good because I haven't really had many [good] hands."

Sorry, Carlos, your secret is out.

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