Level 2 (100/100/100)
Total Entrants: 105

Action is not hard to find anywhere in the room, as Valerie Cross (pictured) can tell you. We stopped by her table to see how the PokerNews Associate Editor is faring in the early levels.

As we arrive, a hand is unfolding between Tomas Teran in seat 3 and Brazos Roberts in seat 8. A flop of 6♠5♥2♣ is spread and Teran bets 1,600. A player in the middle calls and Roberts raises to 5,200. Teran calls and the third player folds.

The turn brings the T♦. Teran checks and Roberts bets 4,500. As Teran is thinking over his options, Roberts says, "I'll show you."

"Have you been running hot?" asks Teran.

"Yeah, pretty hot, I guess," Roberts answers.

Still not ready to give up, Teran calls.

The river is the J♠ and both players check.

Tomas Teran - 9♥9♦
Brazos Roberts - 8♥8♦

Teran's pocket pair has Roberts' out-pipped to take down a good-sized pot.

Tomas Teran - 28,500
Brazos Roberts - 15,400

On the next hand, it's Cross's turn to get involved.  Cross raises from middle position and gets three callers, including Teran and Roberts.

The dealer spreads a flop of K♣6♠3♥. The action checks to Cross and she continues for 1,100. Teran and Roberts call while the third player folds. Everyone checks the 4♣ turn. The river brings a third club to the board with the T♣, and again the players check it down.

Cross tables Q♠Q♦ and both her opponents muck.

Valerie Cross - 19,600

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