Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 113

Kevin Salter (pictured, foreground) is playing his first RunGood series and is seated at an outer table in Seat 1. Seat 9 limps in for 200 and Salter overlimps in middle position. The small blind calls and the big blind checks his option. Four ways to the flop, we get A♣5♥4♦. The action checks to Salter, who bets 500. The blinds call and Seat 9 folds.

The dealer puts out the A♠ on the turn, and the blinds check to Salter, who continues for 1,000. The small blind folds and the big blind calls. The dealer puts the Q♣ out on the river, and again the big blind checks to Salter. Salter fires 3,000 and the big blind folds.

Salter turns over his hand to show the table he had the goods, A♦K♦.

"Nice hand," says the small blind.

Kevin Salter - 26,500

Salter won not just one but two seats to the main event via satellites on Thursday and Friday. Kevin's son, Dacoda (pictured, background), is also playing in the field at another table, so we paid him a visit.

As we arrive, the younger Salter limps for 200 from under-the-gun, and four more players limp in, as well. The small blind completes and the big blind checks his option. The flop comes A♣K♠8♥. The blinds check and Dacoda bets 600. Three players call to see the 3♦ turn. Dacoda bets 600 again, this time getting just one caller.

The river brings the 9♠ and both players check. Dacoda's opponent turns over A♦7♦ and Dacoda looks like he's about to muck, but then takes a second look and turns over A♥2♥ for a chopped pot.

Dacoda Salter - 27,300

We'll catch up with the Salters at break to get more of their story.

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