Level 8 (500/1000/1000)
Total Entrants: 139


We arrive at Table 7 with a hand already in progress between Matt Bond (pictured) in middle position and a player in the blinds. The flop reads A♥8♠5♣. The action checks to Bond and he bets 1,000. The blind calls and we're off to the 4♥ turn.

The blind leads the turn for 2,500 and Bond quickly calls. The board completes with the 4♠ on the river, and the blind immediately shoves all-in for 9,500.

Bond grabs a chip off his stack and toss it in to call.

Matt Bond - A♦K♣
Opponent - T♥5♥

Bond catches out the bluff and sends his opponent to the rail.

Matt Bond - 77,800

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